Orphan Education Foundation

Current Staff at OEF

Mona Messeroux—Mona is a gifted Haitian educator.  She has an extensive background as a public school teacher in Port au Prince. Mona began her career in 1990 as a teacher at the Elementary school level.  In addition, in 1995 Mona began training teachers with a focus on childhood development, classroom leadership, psycho-social training and curriculum development.

Other current teachers include Max Alain Polycarpe and Ambroise Michel.


Board of Directors

Mike Sheridan – Mike has served in the public and nonprofit sectors for most of his career.  Most recently his work focused on providing extra learning opportunities for children and youth in low-income communities in Philadelphia.  However, the majority of nonprofit career was with an international NGO that focused on serving the needs of undeserved and orphaned children in the developing world.  Along with his wife Lindy, he helped create and deliver a variety of training workshops for orphanage employees throughout China.  That work eventually led to Mike and Lindy adopting their youngest son Samuel from Shanghai.

Mike now serves as the Program and Partnership Coordinator for the School of Leadership and Development at Eastern University.  In this capacity he establishes partnerships and provides academic opportunities for organizations that deliver educational programs for undeserved children throughout the United States.

Dave Malutinok-Dave is the Director of International Finance for Habitat for Humanity. He has extensive non-profit experience having work for the National Council for Adoption , HOPE Worldwide  and the International Missions Society.   Dave has an undergraduate degree in Accounting and Economics and an MBA in organizational management.  Prior to working in the non-profit field, Dave has worked in finance and strategic planning in the Energy and retail industries.  Dave and his wife Peggy are adoptive parents.

Elwood Peters—Elwood is the Magnet Outreach Coordinator for Centennial Magnet Middle School on the North Carolina State University Campus in Raleigh, North Carolina.  Elwood spent seven years in the full time ministry working with campus, singles and marrieds in Kansas, South Carolina and Florida. Over the last 20 years, Elwood has dedicated his career to teaching children and had various teaching positions in Georgia, Florida and North Carolina.  During this time he taught high school and middle school English and worked as a resource teacher training teachers in effective practices for increasing literacy and working with academically gifted students.Elwood’s wife Trish is also a school teacher working with children in the Hospital School at Duke in Durham, NC.

Rich Johnson—Rich is currently a private management consultant.  Rich has extensive managerial and finance experience having worked for Deloitte, Rockwell International and Matthews Corporation.   Rich is an active alumni of Franklin and Marshall and has an MBA from Notre Dame.  Rich has served the poor in many capacities, most recently for Habitat for Humanity in Costa Rica.